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Glass House Collection

Glass House Collection

Rebloom Company’s Glass House Collection is our “California as we see it” lifestyle collection. With a mix of soft neutrals, pastels and pops of bright color, we’ve taken pop culture and relaxed street wear and blended it for a fun, comfy feel. You’re probably going to find an evolving array of products like cute yoga mats or roller skates being sold alongside Andy Warhol inspired kiss lights in this collection, as well as art and photography taken in California.

Mid-century modern architecture is very prevalent in California. The term “glass house” is referencing the use of glass on the home in a very modern mid 20th century way by architect Richard Neutra, William Krisel and others. You may be familiar with the husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames, whose work with furniture is legendary. You can still purchase their Eames chair through Herman Miller.

Between the ocean, desert, mountains, hills and farmlands, the Golden State of California is very diverse. We are drawn not so much to the glitz and glamour but the back streets of LA. To the laid back vibe of southern California found in the desert, the hills, and beaches; natural beauty at its finest.

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