Designers & Artists

Designer, photographer, and creator of Rebloom Design House, Marisa enjoys remodeling homes and putting together a style sequence for clients homes, in store or online in Rebloom's lifestyle collections.

Photographer and Artist Olive: We are intrigued by Olive whose photography captures breathtaking scenery. “I am inspired by the constant move of nature with its colors and shadows and textures.” A homebody and a traveler, she is equal parts roots and adrift to travel. “When I travel I never know what will be a fabulous shot, for me the anticipation of that is the best part!

Ceramics Artist Sonja Korpela: A kind person with a spark to her, Sonja is quick to laugh and her enthusiasm for pottery is contagious. What began as a way to spend time with her daughter-in-law creating pottery soon grew into a love of the medium. “Its so relaxing. I’m a night owl so I often stay up late on my wheel. I love the feel of clay, the smell of clay, and all the colors of the glazes”. Today Sonja has a full studio, teaching pottery to beginner and advanced students and selling her work throughout Washington and in-store and online with Rebloom Design House.